It's Your Brilliant Mind

WordCove simply helps you share it with the world.


Copywriting & Editing for Business

We help attorneys, CPAs, physicians, consultants, tech moguls, and other business leaders shine by turning their brilliant ideas into words that move mountains.

Ghost Writing

We could all use an extra pair of hands. Let WordCove be yours when it comes to capturing your ideas for blog posts, white papers, books, video scripts, advertising campaigns, speeches, case studies and more. Think of us as your own personal journalists: Provide any extent of information upfront and we’ll do the rest, turning your thoughts into delectable, consumable prose.



Could your words use a little polish? That’s where WordCove shines. Our services range from full copywriting to simple proofreading, with flexible prices to boot. Often, our clients who love to write need help in just one area: developmental editing to clarify meaning and patch holes, grammatical proofreading to eliminate pesky little mistakes, or fact-checking to ensure a water-tight case.

PR & Content Marketing

WordCove Founder LuAnn Glowacz is a seasoned strategic public relations and marketing communications expert. For clients needing comprehensive marketing communications direction, WordCove taps into her nationwide network of PR consultants and content marketing specialists to help bring their brilliant words to wider audiences.